Student Union Structure

The Departments


Your day on campus should be seamless – from transportation, through housing assistance, consumer benefits and credit card club, to updates on available classrooms, Shnekel coffee, microwaves, and fridges. Your basic student life needs – we got them covered.


The campus isn’t just for studies! The Clubs Department manages and supervises over 20 student clubs on campus that give students content and experiences beyond what is taught in the classroom. In addition, the department provides the option for new student initiatives of all kinds to be implemented. We are here to uplift your learning experience to a different level!



We’re the ones who take you on trips, maintain sports culture and classes, raise sustainability and recycling awareness, increase social involvement on and off campus, external relations activity, student exchange, and more! We’re everything that’s fun.


How to get things going? Administration Department provides admin and logistical assistance to all the Student Union’s events, including planning and producing events, projects, novel initiatives.

Secretary General

The Student Union is a registered association, and the Secretary-General is responsible for its due diligence, budgetary-legal management, and transparency processes.

Marketing & PR

How else would you know? Marketing & PR Department informs students about the activities and services of the Student Union – events, news, initiatives, etc. Managing the various marketing platforms, hasbara, and branding – that’s us.

Head of Academic Forum

Did you know? Those in charge of coordinating Class Reps are the Heads of Academic Forums in the Israeli and International schools. The Class Reps are your channel to the Student Union, professors, and staff. They can help you sort out all kinds of issues!

RRIS academic coordinator

The RRIS department is in charge of creating unique events for our international students, as well as integrating Israeli and international students and making the current SU events more accessible for all.

The Financial Company – Ogen

Ogen is a private and exclusive company of the Student Union, in charge of creating and promoting financial projects and commercial collaborations, and of course producing recreational events for students.