The Social Scholarship

The Student Union, in collaboration with the city of Herzliya, provides social scholarships for activity in the Herzliya community.

Union Scholarships

Here you’ll be able to find scholarships in the spirit of social involvement, with no socio-economic background requirements. The National Union of Israeli Students scholarships are extremely varied and update on a monthly basis. Strongly recommended!

IDC Scholarships

IDC scholarships allow students from lower socio-economic background to fulfil their academic aspirations. Here you could find a variety of scholarships, some of which can help students throughout their entire degree.

Fulbright Scholar of the United States - Israel Educational Foundation

The fund identifies a handful of BA graduates or those who graduate this year and wish to begin their master’s degree At an American University in 2020/2021. 

The Fulbright Foundation sends students to study at highly scholarly institutions in the United States. 
Therefore, the academic network that is created by learning and research, being in a multicultural environment, enriching the participants, each being in its own field, promotes innovation, excellence, and leadership through the exchange of academic knowledge. 
The Foundation encourages a global process of knowledge migration, from which new insights are produced that will lead the graduates of the program
upon their return to Israel. 

The "Levin" scholarship

The Jabotinsky Institute in Israel offers a scholarship in the name of Prof. Menachem Levin and his wife Rachel to write a doctoral dissertation in an academic institution in Israel that deals with one or more of the following topics:
 1. Jabotinsky and his legacy such as political thoughts, social aspects, and literature
 2. The Jewish Battalions and the Renewal of the Military in Israel
 3. The National Movement (Ha-Tzahar, Tzahal)
 4. The Underground – Irgun and Lehi
 5. Betar youth movement
 6. The Revisionists and Betar in the Holocaust, escape, and DP camps
 7. The Jewish Military Organization (ZZW) in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
 8. The rise of “even though” – Revisionist and Betarism
 9. National Labor Party figures – National Federation of Labor, Tekhelet Lavan faction in the Histadrut
 10. Settlement of the Betar, Betar and Etzel
 11. Personalities and currents in the Revisionist and National Movement (including Herut, Gahal and Likud)
 · In addition, prizes will be awarded to undergraduate, second and third-year students who are invited to submit papers on Jabotinsky and his movement, by 14/07/1919.