Must know

Welfare corners

In every building around campus we installed areas with microwaves, fridges, shnekel coffee, and sitting areas.


If you’re interested in making money and helping other students while you’re at it, your place is with us. Melamed – students tutoring students – is looking for you!

Available Classrooms

An updating list of the available classrooms for the next week.


In cases of regulatory violations, email our regulations committee

For academic  regulations and other  IDC regulations, click here

For TA code, click here

Cambus and transportation

We make sure that it’s easiest for you to get to campus and back. For an updated Cambus schedule, Click here

For details about “Yashir Bair” line – free when you present a student ID, Click here

For 39 and 347 line schedules, click here

A Resource for Miluimnikim

Our miluimnikim get more! 2 credit for social involvement, help classes, special exam dates, gift packages, miluim kits, netsticks, printing and copying benefits, cool raffles, and even more benefits. For details contact the Green Mail:, or click here


The official app of the IDC and the Student Union – all the services and information you need in one app. Grades, schedules,  food pick-up orders, and more

Credit Card Club

IDC PLUS Club is the credit card club of the IDC community in Herzliya. You can find discounts in selected businesses, special offers, and much more.

Bindings, Dictionaries, and Calculators

Stuck without a dictionary before an exam? Want to bind course notes? Come to the Student Union’s offices and you could get those services for a minimal price.

Student Initiatives

Do you have an idea? Contact the Student Initiative Sector and we’ll make your dream come true!

Representation in Disciplinary Committee

Were you summoned to a disciplinary committee? Our volunteers are here.

Discounted Prints at “Otakim”

The best rates for printing at Otakim – delivered straight to the Student Union’s office.

Discounted Wedding Transportation

On the way to the wedding, stop at the Transportation Sector!

Getting married soon? Mazal tov! We’re here to assist you in finding cheap and reliable wedding transportation services.

IDC Rides

The hitchhiker’s guide to the IDC – join one of the regional Rides groups, save money or help someone out ☺

Study Areas During Exam Period

To make sure that exams go smoothly, we provide study areas during exam period.


Givit project assists with locating, shipping and delivering of furniture and equipment for students.

Need help? we will be happy to do it.

The project is relevant for students that qualify for an socio-economic scholarship as well as lone soldiers.

Interested in donating furniture and equipment? contact us!

Volunteering in the project garants participants volunteer hours needed for their scholarships.